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About Blake Steele as a Teacher

“I can highly recommend this course to anyone. It delivers as it says; the exercises are simple and effective. I really reached new levels within myself. I'm very excited about how the process itself will take me further down this beautiful path I stepped on; a life long commitment to love, to life, to openness, to freedom.

"Blake is a great teacher and such a loveable person, for me the most important part is that he really walks his talk; he is open, he is love, he is innocence and pure. A great example of what stepping on this path can bring you."

Inge Broere, Netherlands

“Blake is a authentic Earth Angel. His teachings reach the deep recesses of the soul’s longing. These advanced energy practices are the gateway home and have taken my experience to another level. Everyone needs a bit of Blake, to deepen love and open more to the innocent beauty that we are.”

Zari Gemma Ferns, UK

"Blake’s genuine heart and love for all come shining through in his Pink Tantra class…not only does he willingly share his considerable knowledge and personal experience with spirituality, he challenges and stimulates others to a higher level. This is a class you won’t want to miss!”

Paul and Beth, USA

"Pink Tantra has truly helped me in my everyday life and love life, with beautiful, energy, light and constructive tools for getting even more in tune with myself. Thank you Blake for your love and innocence and true heart mission of sharing these secrets with us. A deep course to create more happiness and joy in the world!”

Lidewj, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Blake is a truly amazing teacher. He's teaching from his beautiful heart with so much love, enthusiasm and integrity. He presents his pearls of wisdom with the playfulness of a child."

Fredrik Swan, Sweden

"Blake meets people with an open Heart, curiosity, energy, and without any judgment! He opens people’s Hearts and handles everything that comes up with such kindness and love! He is amazing!’
May Lagopoulos, Greece

'With Blake I was free to be myself —and I mean free — and encouraged to find my own way.'
Henrik Hougaard, Denmark

‘Blake is beautiful with the piercing, 'masculine' clarity in his mind and the sweetness of the 'feminine' softness of his heart. What also has stayed with me is the meeting with a man that seems to have the heart of a child and the eyes of a wise man...’
Annemette Lillesøe, Denmark

"Over the years I have hosted several workshops with Blake. I warmly recommend him as a true teacher, healer and loving brother."
Ben Alex, Denmark

"Blake Steele is a warmhearted friend, a brave soul and an experienced seeker who loves his fellow human beings. To be with him is exciting, challenging and a safe adventure that makes a mysterious meeting with myself possible."
Eva Sanner, Author, Sweden

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