A Brief Introduction: Basic Types of Tantra

The word Tantra means: the loom life is woven on, or Life's unbroken continuity. It is based on this belief: all is One in the Divine mystery of Existence, and the Divine is the ultimate joy, freedom, harmony, and highest beauty of all. It is about a fully incarnational spirituality: being wholly here, and moving through every aspect of our experience with one clear intention: I will open everything to the pure Love that is within me and within us all... In this I will reconnect fully to my Truest Self in order to become more fully alive, completely here, and happily whole.
White Tantra
White Tantra is traditionally a Tantra of transcendence, of the top of our heads, of receptivity to pure Divine Spirit which is forever free.

Red Tantra
Red Tantra is the Tantra of pure sexual energy — the creative nature of our bodies — and union with the Divine by (ideally) moving through ecstatic energy into Divine Love and Presence.

Pink Tantra embraces both transcendence and sexual Life-force as beautiful and unites them both in the fully incarnational nature of joyous innocence and Pure Love in the Heart. It is a Tantra of Love, Pure Being, Creative Freedom, Playfulness, and Natural Wholeness. This comes by the acceptance of primal innocence in every aspect of our Being, for this is the True Nature of our core, untraumatized Being that is forever alive in the Divine Essence of all Existence.

Whereas Red Tantra emphasizes making love with a partner, Pink Tantra emphasizes being fully present to the innocent sensations of our body and purifying all energies of twisted connotations so our entire body/mind system is open to the Breath of Life — the free flowing Spirit of the Divine. It is a practice of natural purification and liberated awareness that can be done either by yourself or with a partner.

In Pink Tantra two things are acknowledged as being primally pure: The free Spirit of the Divine and our innocent biological body with all its divinely designed sensations. These two then become mirrors which clearly reveal the present state of our soul which unites them. All ways of perceiving, feeling, interpreting, and responding that are not joyously childlike, naturally good, clear sighted, loving and free come from wounds and projections within our soul. Therefore, the goal is to see the projections clearly, detach from them, and wash them out of our body/mind system until we are wide open, innocent and free.

Pink Tantra is utterly joyful and free. It proclaims with great happiness:
“It is Good to Feel Good. And... It is Very Good To Feel Very Good in Pure Love."

Black Tantra
From the Pink Tantra Perspective, Black Tantra is extremely dangerous, for it allows the lower, addictive, separate and selfish nature to persue its deepest sexual fantasies. This can be extremely liberating... if — and this is a big, big if — the soul is guided by an extremely wise and advanced spiritual teacher through the complete process and out the other side: free of fears and all repressed unmet developmental needs. The end result can be the most complete wholeness and wisdom... but, this playground is full of dangers, for the lower nature is connected to the collective pain body and what we may call, the demonic. Our capacity to decieve ourselves is astonishing. Be cautious about this... If you have a teacher who has gone this way and whose life is radiant with divine Love and Wisdom, and who is willing to stay with you all the way through... What a gift! But, simply put... be wise. Honor your capacity to expand and integrate safely, one step at a time.

Tantra is
Natural Wholeness and Peace
Feeling good is natural. It is our God-given right to be healthy and happy, for our body has been carefully designed by the Ultimate Creative Intelligence, not as an obstacle to spiritual life, but as an amazingly intelligent gift, a sensitive instrument to interface with this time/space dimension of existence. Though we experience limitation in the body: pain, sickness, and relative blindness to the full spectrum of potential conscious existence, this is actually its purpose. We are spiritual beings here to experience the body’s limitations and gifts and learn all the lessons we can only learn through an embodied experience.

Bringing our body, mind and spirit into harmonious health and peace in the wisdom and freedom of real Love is the challenge. To do this we must confront and cleanse away destructive, “Pain body” forces. We can make this purification and release process a war, or, if we really trust the goodness of the Maker of all—we can make it a game.

Pink Tantra as a Playful Game
One of the most profound spiritual teachings ever given us is so simple, and untried:
"Unless you become as little children, how shall you enter into the realms of Divine Presence?"

I am convinced that it is the spiritual joy and creative freedom found in real Love that shall transform us and our world. In Pink Tantra we can make spiritual liberation a playful game. This is founded on an observation that it is a spirit of child-like curiosity and play that is the most direct door into a conscious and ongoing experience of the Divine. This natural playfulness is creatively free, courageous, innovative, transformative, and liberated (at last), from constrictive and divisive fear-based taboos.

The Higer Potential of Sex & the Human Body

When we become simple and child-like in our spiritual perception, Life becomes simple and things get progressively more clear. There is a higher potential to the gift of sex and the biological design of our human body. This is the focus of the Pink Tantra Practice: the transformation of our biology into Love. It is foundational to genuine Tantric Experience in Life, relationships and love-making.


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