The world needs simple, accessible spiritual practices based on Universal Principles that can be applied to any and all belief systems in a way that further enriches the people’s lives. Practices that lead them into personal realizations that all is One, that there is a living reality beyond all mental symbols that point to it.

The world needs spiritual practices that key into and lift what is most familiar and closest to the people. There are three things: our bodies, our breath, and our sexual, ecstatic natures.

The deepest teachings of most spiritual traditions deal with our bodies, breath, and sexual energy and sensations as a pathway to the Sacred, to the Divine. This way is powerful, ever present, and super enjoyable. No need to try and pump people up to do their spiritual practice when it is carrying them deeper into ecstasy, innocent purity, harmony, and a sense of the Divine, limitless Love.

Pink Tantra is simply about this: and there is no need to call it Pink Tantra. The process is as natural as the blooming of flowers and can happen under any name. The important thing is the principles—an understanding of the progression and where it leads.

It you want to develop a fruit orchard you need to understand about seeds, caring for young plants, watering, fertilizing, transplanting and pruning. If you do these things well you will be well rewarded. It is the same with spiritual practice. It is as natural as this.

Unblocking energy flows, allowing powerful creative energies of sex to flood every cell of our bodies with harmony, super good pleasure, and peace, letting breath open our receptivity to Spirit, coming to glimpse the higher mysteries and potential of our own body-temples: these are basic to the transformation of our lives from egocentric struggles to peace and bliss.