When we turn our minds against our innocent, sexual life force we create tremendous inner tensions. These, along with trauma pain and defenses, become our inner demons. Our deepest pain is this conflict of guilt, shame, and fear constricting and twisting our expansive, ecstatic energies and cutting us off from our primal innocence of being, and thus our higher connection with the Pure Source of all Existence that is within us and all things. This is the darkness that swallows up so many beautiful children the minute they become sexually alive adolescents.

It is so essential for our development as healthy human beings to flow with our innocent bodies in celebration and gratitude, directing all beautiful energies honestly and openly back to our Source who gifts us with them, acknowledging the genius design and freely given goodness of the God of the free flowing river of soft pleasures and delights. In this our soul will be free of both lust and fear-based taboos and able to learn the wisdom of the higher harmonic law of Love, radiantly alive in our Light-body, that brings freedom, beauty, and goodness to all.