Deep inside us all is a place that knows. I mean knows beyond the mind’s intellectual knowing. It simply knows what is real and true in the way a bird knows where to fly, a deer knows how to birth its baby, a whale knows the sea. This place is in the center of the innate intelligence of our own heart.

The heart is a miracle… but then, everything is a miracle. It started to beat rapidly when it was the size of a grain of rice and we where the size of a tadpole and looked a lot like one. It generates an electromagnetic field a thousand times as strong as the brain and is partially composed of the same kind of neurons that form the web of intelligent processing in our minds. We are just starting to learn about the true nature of the heart: but then, I believe we are just starting to learn about the true nature of everything.

Try this: put your attention on your mind and ask this question about yourself: who are you? Listen patiently to your mind’s answer.

Now put your attention fully on your heart and ask the same question. Listen carefully to your heart. Your mind will resonate with the energy field of your heart and its nature of knowing and see if you don’t get a different kind of answer all together.

I hope you paused and tried this, for you see, this is what The Pink Tantra site is all about: your experience. The Way of Life is written in you. The Teacher is in us all. It is Life itself and its astonishing Wisdom, knowing, free flowing action, and abilities to heal.

To unblock Life is our goal. Simple, accessible, really fun and astonishingly pleasurable spiritual exercises are our way. We learn by experimenting, experiencing, getting feedback from our own systems, and from the experience of others. We are going to transform our biology and in the process settle our minds and emotions in new, super positive patterns that free us to be the most beautiful, happy, creative and inspiring people we can be!

Life is an inside job! Let’s get back to Life’s energies, clear inner knowing, miracles, and miraculous ways!