The connection with sexual energy that is so vital to our entire being is the instinct to surrender completely: this bodily instinct to open and release that which lies most deeply within; to open up wide channels for the Spirit to breathe through. The astonishing thing is that this instinct to surrender open is built into every cell of our body—and it is the deepest instinct of our sexual, ecstatic nature. This pleasure in completely yielding and blooming opening in unconditional trust is beautiful, absolutely beautiful, because it is a full release unto that which is utterly pure and real—this innocence of being. It is a liberation of the lightness of Light; a touch of Divine freedom; a complete acceptance in Love; an intimate beauty.


This instinct to open wide drops long held defenses, melts down traumatic blockages and crumbles pain built walls until our naked, pure, wide-open and sensitive being shines. This is why our complete surrender must be intimate in the deepest sense of that word. This is why it must be a sequestered, beautiful secret; an opening for the eyes of the Beloved only: the luminous eyes of God.


We open to the core of our being in ecstasy—is there any other way? It is ecstatic to open; it is ecstasy that opens us. We are designed for ecstatic opening and release. Ecstasy by its very nature opens us and it is ecstasy to yield and open. A moment’s ecstasy, completely surrendered to and carried to the deepest level of being can do more to open us than a year’s worth of need-centered prayers.


When our defenses fall down there is only freedom, only pure Being, only Light and Love in an ecstatic sense of innocent joy. We are free to take this beautiful way; it is God designed, written inside of us rather than inscribed in books. We are the book ecstasy opens. This is the goal of our spiritual life: to be wide open in Love to Pure Being; to live in a wise, spontaneous innocence of Being; to know the freedom of pure Love as a creative flow inspiring us to inspire others and bring more Presence and Love, more healing truth and beauty into the world.


There are many ways to open, countless ways to surrender; but one of the deepest, most direct ways is ecstasy without attachment, purging our being from the clinging, insecure nature that would use beautiful feelings to create addictions; freeing us from our long held, fundamental grief that was born when we first closed the doors of our innocent being to the unfolding miracle of the moment of Life.

Come to innocent ecstatic opening. Surrender completely from every singing cell of your body. Bring all your mind, heart and body into this opening. Shout, laugh and surrender: let thankfulness fill your mouth, flowing in sweet Light and Love from your opening heart.

Open me. Open me. Open me. I open. I open. I open. Open me. Open me. Open me. I open. I open. I open. Open me. Open me. Open me. I open. I open. I open...