The word sex brings up different feelings for different people. Most of us probably don’t think about Spiritual freedom, or God right away when we hear that word. Sex has been separated from Spirit by our left-brain dominated analytical mind set. But if we think of sex as a special kind of life-creating and nourishing energy moving through our body, and we are committed to a spiritual path that can release and balance our Life energies in the harmonies of real Love, we shall began to see sex, Spirit, God and all of Life as a wholly interblended energetic field.

It seems very evident that Western Spirituality, for all its gifts, has some huge holes in it, holes through which darkness has poured for a long, long time. If, for example, we had developed a mature sacred sexuality in the West we would not have such a pronounced body/spirit split in our thinking, nor would we have millions of touch starved people, nor so much addictiveness, nor a multi-billion dollar pornographic industry. We need to mature in how we understand spiritual growth and reality—right now—so we can start moving beyond divisive thinking patterns and begin integrating all Life-giving energies in the harmonious wholeness of Spirit.

Obviously, sex is not just about making babies. Nor is it limited to a quick rise to an orgasm. Mild, pre-orgasmic sexual sensations are a special kind of body chemistry that is wonderfully healthy and that is meant to flow through us very naturally in all kinds of situations. When we were children we spontaneously played with our bodies just because it felt good. There are areas of our bodies that are designed to feel very good when touched. These good feelings come from the creation of good body chemistry. Children who are not shamed by repressive, fearful parents, or sexually violated, naturally stimulate good chemistry in their bodies. It’s instinctual. A fully integrated and mature adult sexuality might allow us to remain as sensuously alive as healthy children, even as we are guided by a needful wisdom and Love that honors all people’s developmental needs and self-choosen boundaries.

When our bodies are unblocked, meaning all our receptive, subtle energy centers are open, and thus our energies free-flowing we will naturally feel subtle sexual energies quite often during the day. Not all the time of course, but the nature of being open is that we can move our attention from mental work, to any of our senses, to the exterior world, to memories, to imagination or to sexual energy quite freely. This is called being well integrated or whole. It is natural to feel subtle sexual energies often because Life is full of many expressions of sexual energies that we resonate with—and if more people were open and in harmony with their entire selves there would be much more sexual aliveness flowing around. When we are as openly receptive to Life-energies as we are designed to be, good chemistry flows through us naturally, and if we had a healthy Sacred Sexuality tradition to guide us we would know we don’t have to “do anything” about sexual feelings anymore than we have to do something about a beautiful sunset. We would just let ourselves be in a beautiful, joyous inner chemistry and fully enjoy all that life brings.

Free flowing energy with neither repression nor obsession is true health.


When you wake up in the morning rub all your spiritual centers very lightly, and move the good chemistry through your entire body with breath, skin brushing and attention. (See this link about spiritual centers). Feel the innocent purity of your body. This good chemistry is as natural as bird song. Open your spiritual centers with slow and conscious expansive hand movements and breath. Continue to move the beautiful feelings freely through your entire being. Pray, adore, give thanks: complete the circle of Divine grace by returning it with thanks to its infinite Source in all the space and silence that matter exists within. Then go out and live fully, with a wide open heart.


When someone beautiful to you passes by and you feel a sensual response in your body just let it flow through you. Enjoy it fully as if you just licked a delicious ice cream cone. If you feel the sensual energies of a child, don’t be afraid or shame them: instead, dance and sing with them. Turn it all to innocent play. Keep what is naturally free always good and innocent.

Let wisdom and real Love master you and you will be free

When our longing for good, healthy feelings has been repressed, this causes addictions. As we practice opening our being and moving good energy freely through us the old cravings for touch and good body chemistry melt away into a wonderfully natural harmony of being.


Would God create our bodies with a built in chemistry system complete with activation buttons to create super pleasureable feelings and joy and then say, never touch the buttons: it is wrong, wrong, wrong? Fear has blinded us for a long time now. Fear creates repression, which creates obsessive drives, which creates twisted abuses, which create pain, which creates more fear.

Love creates openness, which creates awareness and enjoyment, which satisfies deep human needs, which creates inner harmony, which creates mutual resonance in peace, which creates celebrative joy, which creates more Love.

It is a new era already, right now, today, and way past time to wake up!

Remember: be a free, sensous child again. Stimulate your body lightly and move the subtle energies through you from bottom to top, allowing every cell to drink. If you feel sexual energy move through you during the day, just enjoy it. Keep at this practice until the old cravings melt away. There is nothing to do about good body chemistry except to be thankful for it. And you will grow freer and healthier and happier in Life’s natural harmonies.