Everything exists in an Ocean of Silence. Within this Silence there are frequencies, from the highest frequencies of Light beyond matter in the causal realms, to the infinitely tiny and rapid frequencies of quarks and strings… (or whatever they come to discover and name next), to the huge, long frequencies of radio waves, . We experience a certain range of these frequencies as audible sound, which is being created in our consciousness in response to nerve impulses flowing from our inner ears. Because of this constant movement of nerve stimulus we rarely experience actual silence to any degree: so we are not at home in it.

Pure, absolute silence can only be experienced in rare, transcendent states the East calls Nirvikalpa Samadhi, but profound inner quiet is available to us all.

Being nourished by inner quiet is central to the spiritualties of the East and to the original spiritualties of the Middle East as well. And, of course, all the spiritualties of native peoples who were so naturally close to the silence of nature. Silence refreshes and renews us. It resensitizes us to the miracle of our lives. In silence we sense Divine Presence as lightness and purity.

Be still and know that I am God.

We will practice silence here in the Pink Tantra journey… but not through attempts to conquer our wandering minds. This is too difficult for most. It is a beautiful truth that silence can come naturally to our minds out of actions that harmonize our energy flow. As we practice moving pure energy through our being, quietness and calm overtake us. We come to inner rest that is natural and unforced. In this silence we are gathered and sense the Presence that exists in all existence… the Holy One.

See this short video on the essence of Chi Gong, which demonstrates something of great importance: it does not take long to harmonize our being. We can do it in under a minute if we do it with a gathered focus, slowed down movements, and regular practice so our mind and body come into a harmonic interrelationship. In this state it is easy to quietly stand, sit or lie down and soak up the silence that is the ground of all matter, our spirit home.

40 Second Chi Gong: Opening the Central Sushumna Channel