The Dangers of Sexual Repression

Sexual energy is the pure Life-giving energy of God in our bodies. It is utterly good and when experienced purely is discovered to be playful and joyful by nature. But that is not all: it is capable of carrying us into the most sublime feelings possible to know in these bodies when it is allowed to open us to the highest and deepest levels of our beings.

Sacred sex is wholeness: It is experienced when pure spirit flows in and through pure sexual energies, uniting Divine Love with human passion. Sex softens us. Sex stirs us awake. Sex opens us. Sex urges us on, to go deeper, to ascend higher, to not stop with bodily sensation alone, but to pass through body into pure Spirit, pure innocent awareness of Being, even into the infinite Source within and around us: even into union with God as the highest beauty. This is sex’s true potential when embraced totally in Love and deep respect. It is intrinsic to its design.


What happens when we repress this irrepressible Life force? Whatever we repress we twist into a negative. Through fearful repression we intensify our fears and distort the true nature of our urge to be wide open. Our powerful sexual nature colors our entire soul life from the dramatic arts to our most intimate relating. When we religiously repress our God-given Life-force we create huge confusion. To put fear created taboos on sexual energy and thus express it as something dangerous and wrong outside of publicly sanctioned marriage is to condemn sexually active young people and single adults to second-class spiritual citizenship. Many people who are more free spirited reject this kind of negative and unimaginative moralizing and turn away from religion while those who stay with it often end up frustrated and critical of others.


A huge social problem has been created through Western religion's failure to create a sacred way through sex, for without the ability to connect sexual energy to our total selves a shadow of selfishness darkens it and allows predatory instincts to demean and abuse precious souls. The multi-billion dollar pornographic industry is in a real way the direct result of religion’s failure to develop sacred sexuality in the West. There is moralistic repression on one hand, and selfish exploitation on the other in the typical dualistic patterns of conflict and those who suffer the most are young free spirited people who have an instinct to be whole and enjoy life fully. We need a third way — now! We need to honor the beauty and wisdom of our natural, untwisted being. We are 2,000 years late in the development of it.


And what would this third way look like? We can learn a lot from the Native America Quodoushka tradition that starts preparing children for their sexual awakening way before it starts unfolding. We have been deathly afraid of exposing our children to sexual reality because we are so out of balance. We have so many touch starved, lonely people in our societies, and a certain percent of them become so out of balance and desperate that they commit sexual crimes. This creates great social fear which creates repression which creates more lonely, touch starved people and around and around it goes.


We don’t want anyone to starve for food: but if we treated the soul with the same respect as the body we would put equal emphasis on no one being touch starved, knowing the huge social problems that inevitably arise from it. We might give special schooling grants as an incentive to study massage and healing energy work so there are more people working in this much needed field. And we could have social programs for the poor so they too can afford weekly massages. I mean this seriously, for when people are regularly soothed and softened by loving touch crime rates dramatically drop. Children should grow up with lots of touch, including massage: and a much more imaginative and holistic sexual education should start in the homes at an earlier age so sex is understood to be wholly natural and beautiful, something for them to look forward to when nature awakens them.


Some people will say this is dangerous, that children will start thinking of sex all the time if you make them aware of it too early. People only obsess about what is repressed, not what is natural and in balance. For example, if a child grows up going to naturalistic camps every summer and sees naked people playing and being relaxed around each other, they will not obsess about nudity and have a compulsion to peek at Playboy magazines as they grow up. And when they start to feel sexual ecstasy, if their parents have told them about this stage of growth in very natural terms, they will feel free to share their awakening and the entire family can celebrate it as a real birthday into a whole new stage of life, thus healing the unnatural and painful schism that takes place for many adolescents with their sexual awakening.