Pink Tantra and Religion

For those who might have a concern: Pink Tantra is not a religion or part of a religion… including Hindu, Buddhistic, or Taoistic forms of Tantra. It is just this: simple things you can do to open your system to the free flow of Life from its Source; to dearmor your system so you are in touch with your own primal innocence of Being and naturally ecstatic nature; and to quiet and harmonize your mind to sense the Primal silence and Peace that lies within everything. It is a return to what is utterly natural, healthy, Life-giving and real.

It is, in a real sense, something pink and naked, like a newborn child. It is beyond the mind’s conceptions, being ultimately so simple and free that you will see for yourself it completely supports any and everything that is Life-giving and truly good in your life.

Will it bring you into conflict with your present belief system? Of course not: that is if your present belief system has made you free and expansive, innocent, and pure, wise, and loving, creative, and humorous, free-spirited, and compassionate, responsible, and beautiful, and good.

But if your present belief system is exclusive, anti-body and full of taboos that inflict deep fear, shame, and guilt… you may have a problem. You may have to make a choice.