Pink Tantra is about naturalizing our entire being in the primal innocence of Pure Being and in this, finding a real and lasting human freedom.

But what is real freedom? To me it is playful and happy, joyous and imaginative, tender and caring, courageous and real. It is the courage to be your actual self, to step out of the mold of social conditioning into that which is true. It is a tender and compassionate welcoming of all traumatic disturbances in your nervous system into the warmth of loving acceptance and the soothing of present Truth that holds you. It is resonance of heart, mind and biology with the Divine Essence within us all which is forever Pure, completely natural, and free. And it is balancing out our growth, filling in the missing pieces, expanding, becoming more robust with Life.

To regain this primal and naturalized state of being our divinely designed developmental needs must be clearly defined and fulfilled. When a developmental need is not fulfilled we are traumatized and twisted in our development. These wounds of unmet growth needs are the source of our deepest inner anxieties, tensions and the unconscious defense mechanisms that mask them.

And... we must open our deep heart to the true Source of all existence. This is the inherent wisdom of the Universe, the creative power of the miracle of our beings and our amazing world. This is the ground of our own actaul self, and our utlimate wholeness and peace. This ground is as pure as space, as free as wind, as warm as sunlight... and as harmonious as the wonder we might call Love with no limits. In this silent, all present Source, every atom of our body spins and sparkles. To sense this Presence in nothing but open spaciousness of heart is to sense reality again.

It is never too late to grow up again; it is never too late to become whole, happy, innocently pure and real. If this sounds impossible to you, go just a bit deeper then your doubts and fears. Open to your heart intelligence and listen to it. Then come on a Pink Tantra journey of fulfillment. We really can come home to our own True Being and the limitless Love that is the Source, healing, and higher potential of us all.