"To the pure, everything is pure." (Quote from the Bible). Everything means everything. Not most everything. But everything! To overcome the taboos of fear—all of them—and to wash in the clean Spirit, is to return to the realm of the Pure design of God, for God has made all things pure and perfect.

The pain body, which is an active accuser of the Divine Child, fights to keep contacts within us, areas where we have not cleansed away the influences of twistedness. In the twisted state we are accused as being twisted… and this rings true. But in the clear state, all is pure and clear and naturally good. There are no taboos because Love guides everything in freedom for the joy of all! Love forgives… meaning releases the twisted to relax and come around straight. Love frees us!

With no taboos there is no guilt, shame or fear! All is possible because the heart only desires Love… to live in the free nature, happy harmonies, and goodness of real Love. Real Love always honors others and never hurts or abuses them for selfish reasons. Real Love is innocent, meaning straight, open, and true, and brings joy and good to ourselves and others. Real Love is free, free… wide open and free!