What is ultimately real is Divine, and the Divine is completely innocent, wild and wondrous: just the opposite of fear; just the opposite of involuntary constriction.


The Divine Spirit is pure, clean, clear, wide open, spacious and utterly free. As we open with intent to the Spirit, as we surrender through slow motion movements, focused awareness, and intention, we start resonating with its higher vibrations and tune into our deep, natural instinct to open. It is the eternal freedom of the Spirit that then more deeply opens us from above.


And it is the same with the essence of sexual ecstasy. The essence is the naked sensation before it moves into involuntary orgasm. It is the naked essence of this pure sensation that is on the borderline of the romping, prancing, dancing sensuality of the child and the powerful, full, juicy sexual ecstasy of the healthy adult. The divinely designed instinct of this sensation, its chemistry and effects in the nervous system, is to melt us wide open. To enter its amazing sensations fully takes a full focus, presence and surrender. So as these two effects of the free Spirit and the rising essence of sexual sensation unite in our system, meeting in our heart, we throw ourselves wide open to our Source, the first cause, the Great Love loving us, the supreme Harmony, the wild beauty… the bliss. In this we bring our entire being Home!


Pink is half white and half red: it is the balanced blend of pure Spirit and pure sexual essence in our system, carrying us deeper into the heart of our hearts. The heart Chakra is normally considered to be green. But in the depth of this area is the pure Pink of Divine Love. This is Christ within: the unconditional and compassionate Love of God.


To dive into this pink zone within it helps to create a pink zone without. Set aside a time to focus completely on the innocent purity in the heart of the Spirit and sexual sensations. And create a space that reflects this. Here are some ideas.

1. Light a special candle or candles.

2. Have a special room or part of your room with a little altar. Put special photos there that remind you of Divine Love. Also items from nature that you love: feathers, stones, flowers, shells… etc.

3. Burn incense during your practice.

4. Music that focus you on spirit and energy.

When you enter the Pink Zone:

1. Slow way down: move in slow motion. This brings the mind into a meditative space.

2. Focus your intention to drink in the pure innocence of body and spirit.

3. Do your practice.


The Bottom: so pink, so sweet, so pure, so innocent, so ecstatic, so natural, so full of Life.

The Top: so wide open, so expansive, so wise, so imaginative, so creative, so able to act, so fearless, so free.

The HEART: So integrated, so simple, so wide open, so loving, so harmonious… so light in the lightness of Light, the sacred garden where the lovers pass through and meet.

MOVING CHI: Up and down, down and up, in and out, out and in… with the harmony of slow, conscious movements, breath and awareness, flow in the wild, free circulation of ecstatic, pure, wise and innocent Life.


End with the giving of thanks to the Divine: you may want to bow to the 4 directions. I say: God of Light; God of Love; God of Life; God of Freedom. Say what is meaningful to you in the giving of thanks.

How can we best express our gratitude? Keep on! Keep opening. Keep ingesting and integrating. Keep growing free. This is the way to show your appreciation. Surrender, flow in, drink, rejoice, expand naturally. Receive the freedom of Love and bathe yourself in it. This is not selfish: this is the Way of Life! By being wide open to the free giving grace of the Source of all existence and drinking in Love we become as we really are: Love in action, Love in Being… Love.