Lower level sex happens when we are centered in our egos, and in an intense drive for orgasm. Higher level sex happens when we are centered in our Spiritual heart, realizing our primal innocent purity of Being and passing through that gate into the limitless Love of the Divine.

The difference between these two is astonishing.

Lower level sex needs more and more stimulation to increase pleasure.

Higher level sex progresses through more and more awareness meeting the essence of the sensation, waking up the body, de-armoring the mind and nervous systems, and filling our entire being with pure, ecstatic, pleasure in peace.

The lower level is stuck in Karma and the temporary dimensions of mortality. The higher level lifts the soul up into the bliss of God and purifies it for the eternal journey home.

The lower may increase intensity, but often in twisted, selfish ways that dull it to the higher, subtle powers, and to real Love. The higher gets better and better, opening us up to real Love, gratitude, and joy as it purifies away old shadows and allows our true essence of Light and Love to flood our awareness and being.

The lower is limited and goes nowhere; the higher is limitless and transcends this life and mortal death. Which seems right for you?