Kundalini is the pure essence of our original innocence awakened. It is the mystery and flow of conscious, sensitive Life itself in all its harmonic bliss and creativity. It is the ecstatic essence of sexual energy and sensation. As it flows through us freely it heals as well as purifies to restore our youthfulness. It is God's primal, divine unity and purity on a cellular level. It is little girl pure, little boy pure… infant pure, nursing mother pure… We can open wide and drink the Yes of it… the Yes with no need but only the joy of Being this!

The Wild Christ said, "You must become as a nursing infant at its mother's breast to realize what is real and enter in." What do you feel in these images below? What qualities was he talking about... really?

Babies are Kundalini incarnate. Untraumatized little children naturally flow with Kundalini in their sensual, joyous, pleasurable natures. It is this pure pleasure of existence. It is clean!

As we awaken to this original innocence of our beings and learn to drink it into every cell of our bodies it affects every area of our lives: how we treat ourselves and others; our joy in life's simple gifts; tenderness and thankfulness; and our adult, juicy sexual relationships. It is when we sense this purity of being and playful freedom in ourselves and each other that the deepest Love spontaneously flows.