Intention means your purpose, aim, goal, what you want to get out of this. It is essential to have a clear intention and to develop a passionate commitment to keep at whatever will lead you to fulfillment until you arrive.

Many people are programmed to give up when faced with disappointment. And disappointment will surely come if you are not passionately committed to never give up until you reach your purpose, your vision, your heart’s desire.

Pink Tantra is just a name: what it means is undoing the old fears, guilt, shame and twistedness until you rest in natural peace and that harmonious good we call real Love.

Pink is a soft color. It is half red — the color of passion — and half white, which holds all the colors in harmonious balance. Pink is the color of the deepest part of our heart, where Divine Love, in all its pure sweetness is forever alive.

Do you want to be free? I mean to break through habitual limitations, no matter how many times you have tried before; no matter how much discouragement you have suffered? Are you passionate to grow fully alive, fully flowing in Love, fully free?

Pink Tantra is not THE WAY. THE WAY is happening everywhere at all times. It is the Divine Nature that is nameless and free. There are as many names for the Way as there are people in the world. This is the beauty of The Way. We cannot put it, or him, or her in a box. We cannot own The Way of Life with any kind of exclusivity.

We do not hold The Way, The Way holds us and all existence.

Taoism is wise: the Way is acknowledged to be beyond all names. It is simply, how things actually are, and how life energy actually functions. The central tenent of the Tao is to become the Way in a state of relaxed ease.

Is Jesus also, The Way? After all, he said, "I am the Way..." Yes, of course: such beauty; such purity; such Love; such courage; such power — such a miracle of beautiful Being unfolding forever. Jesus was in his own radiantly clear being, the Way in flesh.

Is Buddha The Way? Of course: such purity; such freedom; such compassion; such spacious Light; such transcendence; such clarity of mind. He taught that we each must experience ultimate reality for ourselves, beyond all religious stories and projections.

And how about Krishna? The list could go on. But the point really is: are you The Way? I think we can all honestly answer, sometimes yes and sometimes no. But ultimately we must answer Yes. No matter what is going on in our lives, it is in harmony with The Way of Life: be it blocks, habits, addictions, selfishness, or growth, creativity, joy and kindness. Everything reveals The Way of Life. Everything points to it, for Life unfolds for us according to our beliefs and the programming of our biological systems. This is the Way of Life in action. We are all in it and it is in us all.

Hold a passionate desire to be free: to grow in the Way of Life within you that alone has the wisdom and power to… make you Grow. Growth means change. Change means newness. Let’s get with it. Let’s learn all we can about harmonizing with The Way within ourselves and all around us to bring about the highest good for us and for us all.

Oh… if you don’t have a passion to be free; if your heart is blocked, don’t worry. The exercises of Pink Tantra will soften you. You will find your desire to be fully alive and free coming alive again, for it flows out of the open, deep center of your heart.