When we are in touch with the essence of bodily energy we feel the pure beauty of the gift as it streams out of God. All is pure at its source, as it really is, unbent, straight and true. All is pure. As we open to the pure essence and bathe in it we are moved towards the wholeness that is our longing. We are designed to be pure and whole: every cell in our bodies responds to this and loves it. We love pure Life! We love pure bodily energies and essences just as we love pure spiritual energies and essences. In truth, they are one.

We love sex as it softens, opens and floods us with ecstatic pleasure. Of course we do. It is madness to not love what is so healthy and beautiful!

When we are connected, spirit, soul and body, our soul harmonizes with our opening, ecstatic body and surrenders totally open to God. This is natural. This is how it is designed to be. This is sacred sex. As the body releases and soothes into rest, so the soul is meant to relax open, intimate, naked, resting in Divine Presence… comforted and allowing unconditional Love to soak into every crevice and crack.

From this periodic bath in pure ecstatic bliss and the harmonious fusion of body and soul with Pure Spirit comes an increasing wholeness of being. This process transforms our biological chemistry and purifies our minds into simplicity and clarity. What a fantastic gift is this!